Types of Vapes

Types of Vapes

There are two main types of vapes

  1. Nicotine vapes, and
  2. Cannabis vapes.

Nicotine Vapes:

Nicotine vapes are hand devices that give the sensation of smoking without smoke. They have lithium-ion batteries. There are further types of nicotine vapes:

  1. E-cigarettes
  2. Pod vapes, and
  3. Box mods

E-cigarettes are small and affordable devices to smoke. It is better for stealth smoking and beginners because the devices are easy to carry. Yet, you can use it one time only. Therefore, you cannot refill them. Besides, the flavour average is average.

Pod vapes:
Pod vapes are similar to e-cigarettes. It has two parts: battery and refillable pod. Unlike e-cigarettes, you can use it again and again. All you have to do is to refill it. The device is affordable and easy to use yet you have to charge it frequently. Besides, pod vapes have low vapour that can reduce the sensation.

Box mods:
Unlike pod vapes and e-cigarettes, box mods are complicated to use. They are bigger yet they have longer battery life as the kit have several external batteries. A person can change the temperature and wattage to get the desired amount of vapour and sensation. However, box mods are expensive and novices cannot use them. You can get the box mods from a vape shop in Saudi!

CBD Vapes: 

CBD vapes or cannabidiol vape are handy or desktop devices that have batteries but they are used with cannabidiol, a chemical found in marijuana, or dry or concentrated herbs to reduce disadvantages. There are further four types of CBD vapes:

  1. Desktop vaporizers,
  2. Portable cannabis vaporizers,
  3. Weed and THC Oil pens, and
  4. CBD vape pens.

Desktop vaporizers:
Desktop vaporizers are ideal for smoking-lovers. The vape bakes dry herbs at a particular temperature through conventional heating that results in the vapour of herbs. A person can inhale those vapour via whip. A whip is a tube attached to the device. However, you can also use vaporizer bags to inhale.

Portable cannabis vaporizers:
They are small devices that vaporize legal CBD-strains or marijuana at minimum temperatures. Cannabis vaporizers are better for stealth medicating. They are easy to use and the best part is that there would not be too much smell of smoke after using it. However, you have to charge the battery and clean them frequently.

Weed and THC oil pens:
Weed and THC oil pens are pen-shaped devices that warm the oil in a cartridge with the help of coil and wick. The device vaporizes weed and Tetrahydrocannabinol. However, you have to charge the pens numerous times because it has a small device.

CBD vape pens:
CBD vape pens is a two-part and pen-shaped device in which you can heat CBD e-juice and have its vapours. It is small in size and lightweight yet you can the pen once and it has low vapours. However, it is affordable to buy.

So, these are basic types of vapes. Vaping is getting common nowadays. The market has been expanding fast. Besides devices, there are more than a hundred flavours of vape juices. View it now for more details.