Myths About Tea Busted!

Myths About Tea Busted!

Tea is the best kind of drink when it comes to travelling to cold places, if you have flu and if you have headache. There are many health benefits of drinking tea but there are people who are not happy with tea at all and we don’t know why anyway. They can say some really bad things about tea that will make you think twice but if you are a fan of tea and you want to take a rain check of people who say stuff about tea then we are here to bust those myths for good and most of these myths are busted by different coffee and tea suppliers in Dubai and by the best beverage supplier in UAE, keep reading to find out more:

Myth 1:

The first myth is that slurping tea is rude. Well, yes but to some only because for some people the sound of people chewing or gulping or slurping tea is irritating and that is why they say that it is rude. But the fact is that if you slurp, you are basically oxygenating the tea and it brings out good flavor of the tea. But don’t slurp much to irritate your friends so it is better to do slight and slow slurping.

Myth 2:

There is a myth that says that if you drink white tea then it will make you look young and you will age slower but the bad news is that it is not true. If this was true then everyone in this world would stop looking for the fountain of youth and they would war for white tea. Some people who drink white tea and they don’t age, well, that is because that must be some anti-aging genetics in their DNA, it is has nothing to do with white tea at all. And if don’t like it and you drink it for this reason, now is the time that you can stop torturing your taste buds.

Myth 3:

People say that tea is the cure for most diseases. This is true but for some extend like we stated earlier that it can cure headaches and it can even calm your flu. There are different types of herbal tea that help you recover from small diseases like early stage of sinuses.